Eau Naturalé

I suppose I have a conundrum. Since I’ve begun heading towards eventing I’ve left Amber’s whiskers alone. Personally, I think they give her a lot of character and look adorable. Also, less work for me.

Because doesn’t that just look adorable?

I have to trim her eyelashes still since (I’ve trimmed them since she was 3) they now curl up to her eyeballs and that’s uncomfortable. Mostly I leave her ear hair because gnats and flies just LOVE her and get in her ears. But, I also don’t want to look like we just ventured out from a summer on pasture. Although……we sort of have.

However, she doesn’t look unfit or seem to lack shine. I don’t think we’ll look that homeless. And from where the judges are standing I don’t think they’ll really see her whiskers unless they look really closely. Personally, I don’t think she looks unkempt, and I will trim a bit of her ears and eyes, but what do you guys think? I’m inclined to say whiskers, but I’d like to know your thoughts too.

Yeah, soooooo less work the better, ma

It’s a local show; nothing like AQHA points or anything. Classes I am entering:

  • Hunter Under Saddle and Hunter Equitation
  • Dressage
  • Reining
  • Ranch Riding
  • Horsemanship
  • Western Dressage

So…… Whiskers or no whiskers? What do you guys do for shows? Do you just go with whatever or prefer a trimmed look? Let me know, and let the fun begin!

6 Comments on “Eau Naturalé

  1. in summer time i basically only ever trim bridle paths. i kinda like the look of a clean muzzle (and don’t really agree that horse’s whiskers are like cat’s whiskers) but somehow never get around to clipping them anyway. i say do whatever makes you the happiest with your own turnout, bc esp at schooling shows it doesn’t really seem to matter that much to anybody else so we might as well just do what we personally like the most.


    • I don’t even do a bridle path lol! It lets me comb more hair into her forelock 😂 Yeah that’s the other thing: it’s a schooling show and I don’t think most people will really care. I was really just curious what all you guys do lol


  2. do what you feel is right< i do do Remus whiskers only cause he resembles a billy goat even in summer but leave his ears open for interpretation 🙂 there are no rules, just what you want….And i love her crooked stripe btw! 🙂


    • Hahaha! Billy goat 😂 love it. Amber looks like that in the winter with all her guard hair lol. Her ears look like Yoda if I let those grow out a lot so I do those but thanks for telling me what you do with remus! It helps to know what others do or don’t do lol and thanks!

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  3. I always leave nose and ears. It’s illegal to clip whiskers in several european countries, so it’s become more widely accepted on the world stage. I figure if Rocana and Sam can have whiskers, so can Henry. 😉 As for the ears, I just use a bonnet in dressage and problem solved.


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