WTF Vegas

It snowed.

Last night at the barn

In Vegas.

This morning on my way to work

I thought we were living in the desert. Apparently not.

The snow stuck a lot more at the barn

It is pretty tho

Maybe it’s a decade thing? It snowed 3.5″ in 2008, so maybe it was just a wee bit late and decided to hit the desert again in 2019?

Choco in the snowfall of ’08
It was just before Christmas, even tho it melted before Christmas day which was sad

Then again maybe not. It snowed very slightly in 2014, but….snow in the desert. Yay. It’s been so windy tho, and February is usually our nice weather month and March sucks.

Told You So Shrug GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hopefully you can see the snow falling lol

At least it’s pretty. And I gotta admit – I do miss the snow.

16 Comments on “WTF Vegas

  1. I would take snow right now and I would def take a desert right now. SO MUCH WATER and more coming today into Sat nite. We had a potential of 8 inches total this week and pretty sure we already got 3-4 earlier this week. ICK

    Pretty the snow though

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  2. Oh man it’s so pretty!! That’s kinda how are snow can be here too – a day or too of gorgeous snowfall that’s generally melted and gone before it gets too too annoying lol

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  3. I’ll take snow! I’ll take a desert. What I don’t want is rain and mud… Your snow is pretty though! We had snow followed by sleet and freezing rain. That wasn’t fun… And it’s warm today so lots of melting. Yuck. Everything under the ice was slush. It’s the worst.

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