Sixteen is a good number

Guess who turned a whopping 16 yesterday?!

Yup, this girl!

She got many carrots, a good grooming and lots of face rubs and pets and some more alfalfa. I think she’s looking great. She’s sound, she’s alert, her weight is wonderful, her topline is strong and she’s getting muscled, and she’s still enjoying work. She’s now been with the family for 12 years, and I think we’ll have many more years with her (honestly I think she’ll get close to 30 lol). But we didn’t really do anything special for Whisper’s birthday lol.

Other than that it’s been very non-horsey this week. I’ve only gotten to ride Tuesday because Wednesday it was windy and I wanted to pack/go through some more of my things, Thursday I didn’t get to ride because it was windy AND rainy, today I won’t get to ride because it’s windy and I work late, and then I’m working the weekend to grab some extra cash (and weekend will be freaking windy, too). The carpet is getting replaced, so all I need to do is grab a few books, and sit there and read while the carpet gets replaced. Not a bad way at all to earn a bit extra. But since I can’t ride I’ve been grooming, and Amber is losing tons of hair. Yay shedding season.

This picture will never not make me laugh lol

So now I’m left with continuing to chip away at all the things that can be boxed or thrown away. It’s a process, but it’s coming along! Happy Friday all, and I hope everyone has a fun-filled, horsey weekend!

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