Blog Hop: Millionaire Me

Even though Olivia probably never meant for this to be a blog hop, this is too good not to. I’m also going to go with the premise that even though it says “millionaire” that I have an unlimited amount of funds. Because this is fantasy land so why not?!

First, I’d buy a wonderful horse property. I haven’t looked overmuch for a horse property so unfortunately I have no dream farm link, but I know it would be much closer to the east coast. A bit inland, but NC or SC since it’s further south and I happen to have a lot of family in that area so that’d be cool. I’d want it to be a bit out in the country, already have barns, arenas, a bit of cross country courses built and over 100 acres with a few fenced pastures. Perfect for eventing.

Like this, but with more land and an xc schooling area and an sj arena lol

Amber’s life wouldn’t change too much but with this, I would get Amber a buddy – an aged gelding in need of a good retirement home. Amber gets along well with older geldings, so she could live out in a pasture with him and they’d have a blast out there. With a grazing muzzle and only Bermuda grass because girl is special haha. There would also be a few other pastures to rotate other horses.

Somewhere where Amber can do this again ❤

I’d grab myself a Prelim packer to begin showing me the ropes of eventing. I may go for a 1* or 2* packer, but hey, if money is no option then I can always get one later, right?! haha I’d also like to buy around 4-5 ammy friendly 1*, 2* or below horses to keep as “extras”. Why? Well, because what I would ultimately LOVE is to have adult summer camps from spring to fall. Yup! For 1-2 weeks Adult Ammies would bring their horses (if they had one) to my place for an adult summer camp. If they didn’t have horses, that’s where my 4-5 packers would come in handy. It’d be a week or two of wine and other drinks, camping, and hanging out for fun days with horses. However, since money isn’t an issue here, there’d also be clinics during that time – dressage, SJ and XC specific clinics with 4* riders as well as pure SJ and Dressage trainers. It’d be lots of things packed into only a few days, but I personally think would be awesome.

Just imagine these people as adults with drinks in their hands lol

I’d make sure it was AA friendly in terms of price too, so that probably would make me absolutely no money and really drain me dry, but we’re talking a zillion dollars in fantasy land so I can dream haha. In the off time of summer camps I’d probably let a few trainers/people winter down there. The packers would probably have leases or something, who knows haha. But of course I’d have custom tack for all of my animals, and perhaps some fanceh stuff for me. Probably just custom boots really since I’m pretty okay with everything else. Okay maybe some custom pants since most pants don’t fit me. Okay, fine. I’ll have fanceh schmancy stuff too! lol

I would of course go to as many shows as I could, even though I get a little burned out with a lot of showing, but then I’d try to volunteer as much as I could as well since I’ll have a zillion dollars and won’t need to work. That’s about it for me because after that I’d be waaaaay past a zillion dollars in just a year LOL.

What about you? What would you do with a zillion, unlimited dollars?

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