The finer things in life

Yesterday was a long work day, but the best part about it was that I knew I could hop on Amber shortly after I got home. It’s what kept me going the whole day. It ended up being so gusty by the time I got home that we had to close the south and west doors, but I decided to saddle her up anyway.

I just wanted a short hack, something to get her muscles moving but nice and simple after such a good work the previous day. Plus at the other place she wouldn’t have been rideable at all, so I also wanted to give her a quick but confidence building ride. Before we used to ride in wind like this all the time, but those trees and being unable to see has really made her wary so it was a good way to see how she’d do (which she’s always fine in an open space so I dunno why I’m so determined to think she’ll lose her marbles). And riding gives me the happy feels so we rode.

When she decides to pose she really pulls it off….

It was a short, slow walk, trot and canter a little bit session. She was just a teensy bit jumpy in the beginning, and though she kept looking outside of the arena, she felt much more relaxed even when the big gusts came. We practiced a teensy bit of canter, some jogging and some loose rein trotting. We worked on a couple lateral steps, though those really weren’t very good it gave her something to think about. Plus I realized I didn’t have spurs. Those would have helped enormously for the few lateral steps but whatever. Good chill ride.

Then of course it was time to be photogenic.

That sweet sweet eye

So far she’s settling really well. She doesn’t care about the huge trains that come close by – it helps that there’s no cross streets so the trains never really blow their whistle. Plus we’re pretty sure we’re close to a depot, because trains coming in are pretty slow as are the trains going out. All in all you hardly notice them.

It is wonderful to be able to monitor her hay, to do her water myself and to fluff up her stall whenever I damn well please. I really missed being able to do that with her. Now that she sees me a lot she’s less inclined to maul me for scratches, but now she mauls me for treats. It’s really my fault. I just see her and she looks so cute and I just say “Oh here have a cookie” and give her a treat. Plus, while she loved the butterscotch treats I gave her, I bought the Purina apple flavored, bean shaped treats and I think she’s in love. And that weirdo bites them in half. Yep.

You’re the weird one mom; it’s all lies. I is sweet

But even with the small ride yesterday, it is awesome to just take her out, the arena is maybe 15-20 steps away from the barn, we ride, untack, and in the house I go. It is so nice to have her right there again. It really works for us because we don’t ever go anywhere, but we do have a few good friends who would be more than willing to help out if we needed.

Amber loves being able to see. Most of the time she is either inside in the shade and looking outside or outside and gazing at the warehouses across the tracks or whatever is to the south of her. Whisper took a long time to settle. We were quite worried about her for the weekend, but thankfully it looked like by yesterday evening she was finally starting to really settle. We think she got a little herdy so it’s just going to take time with her having her own side to accept being alone again.

Otherwise, I’m loving having them in the back. I go out there just to stare at her sometimes or stalk her through the windows. Poor Amber probably thinks I’m super weird.

I is tired; dis ride be bullshit ma

I actually found an acupuncture, chiropractic vet in town! I know her from our club, and I really trust her opinion so I’m very excited and pleased to find someone that I know is very knowledgeable and that I trust. She’s going to come Sunday to take a look at Amber and hopefully get in an acupuncture session. Amber’s not really off per say, but now that we’re on flatter surfaces again I wonder if her SI may just be really tight because I can’t seem to massage it out. Her right hind is still short sometimes, but especially now that her right knee feels better her shoulder muscles are developing better on that side as well. And relaxing those developing muscles never hurts. It’s more preventative and to help her feel better, but that’s always the best way, yeah?

Whoever said “how do you make a small fortune in horses? Start out with a large fortune” had it right. But I certainly didn’t start out with a large fund, so….yay for broke horse owners.

Seriously, I needed all of these yesterday. And Friday. And probably today.

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