Jumping once again

I was really excited to head on out and jump. Amber was decidedly less enthused we realized lol. I think she was just done with the wind. It was still blowing and she just felt a little done with the whole thing. She was a little “wild” in the beginning at the canter, but nothing bad at all.

Yup, I is wild ma

There’s not really too much to tell for yesterday. She just felt sort of blah most of the time, and I do think it’s probably because neither one of us got enough sleep the previous night. In the beginning though, we had a few long shots. Part of it was me of course, but I think she was a little keyed up since she felt blah so she was sort of going a bit overboard.

Holy long-shot, batman!
Oh shit….
I think this girl got hops….lol

She was feeling not quite like herself and sort of worked herself up a bit, started rushing a little, and not listening to my attempts to soften, so I worked on that momentarily before going to the trot and letting her step over it that way a few times so we relaxed.

First attempt: cuteness
Second attempt: not quite lol
Third attempt: good girl!

Then I actually sat my butt down in the saddle and let her feel that I was supporting her in the canter (thank you mom for firmly telling me to do that lol she’s my impromptu teacher lol). Once I sat down, she relaxed, and the jumps came up much nicer. Aaaaaand then she smacked them a few times and caused the pole to fall lol. But I liked how it flowed much better, and I was very pleased with her. Towards the end, you can start to see her ears popping back up as she goes over them. I think by the end she was beginning to have fun again.

I was waiting for her to take off, but she’s still pretty smart with her feet!
FAIL lol
FAIL again lol
Best of the day
2nd best of the day

A few of my favorites were when I’d start to circle her, and her little ears would prick like “oh are we going…! oh, we’re not. nevermind” lol.

Oh is it that one….woops nvmd lol

She was good and despite her feeling uncomfortable she was very brave and willing. I think she may be starting to feel those sore muscles, so we’re going to take our usual hack today and do lots of stretches and massaging.

Game face! lol

I’m my own worst enemy with that. Oh it’s looking better? Yay! And I stop doing all I need to. Poor baby girl. I just need to keep stretching and keep massaging and keep on it. Goodness knows she loves it!

Love this sequence!

Look at those little ears!

But we still had some great jumps from today, so I’m really happy with her.

Good girl pets ❤

One thing that did get her keyed up in the beginning was this huge semi that had dropped something off, then decided to park right in the street and watch me ride. I had just started so we were warming up, and they were telling me what a lovely horse she was and all that. I really don’t know why but it pissed me off. Usually I really don’t care if someone wants to watch me ride or whatnot, but this just irritated me. It was probably the wind and the fact that I could hardly hear anything, either, but it was also probably because Amber just felt horrible when we’d near the truck. Not like her freaking out like before, but I don’t know how to describe it besides she felt like she despised that truck. Then they’d do something with the truck and it’d jolt and startle Amber as we’d canter by. I was so happy throughout the ride that she handled the wind like she used to – she would’ve been a basketcase in the enclosed arena, but whatever that truck did just set her on edge. Which set me on edge. Which made her worse, of course. She felt really coiled, and until they’d parked there, she’d been very relaxed and blah about everything. Then she just seemed irritated.

Nice and soft

I know she’ll need to get over something like that, sure, but I guess neither one of us were in the mood to have that happen yesterday. Regardless, I’ll be lowering the stirrups, putting my spurs back on, and hitting the trails. Tomorrow, dressage!

I may have just finished my grain but can I have MOAR

Pole starting to go down….lol
Cleared it in this one!
Lookin purdy
Pretty trot

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  1. love her ears. SO cute. And she seems to enjoy it. YAY fun times. 🙂 She reminds me a lot of Remus jumping. OKAY if i gotta..then WHEEEE 🙂


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