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Down to the wire

The show is this weekend! In a way, I’m really excited – I’d love to win a buckle with this girl for performance, and it’s something that’s been a hopeful goal of mine as a “someday” achievement. And in another way, I’m really excited… Continue Reading “Down to the wire”

On the upswing

So, the great news is she seems to be doing well. She still has her moments of tension (I swear I watch video and it does NOT look how it feels lol) and anticipating, and that’s where you can see she short steps a… Continue Reading “On the upswing”

The walkies

This is mostly a boring recap. All we really did was walk. All weekend. But, I have great news. Amber looks great! Friday I took her out for a short walk, and Choco accompanied us. It was just to get her out with a… Continue Reading “The walkies”

Weekend recap part 2: NSHA V show

The morning was bright and crisp, and unfortunately, again, I hooked up truck and trailer and Amber proceeded to buck and kick and smash and let me know that she was not up for another trailer ride. Well, too bad, pony. We’re going. Aside… Continue Reading “Weekend recap part 2: NSHA V show”

Weekend part 1: Ren Fair

Friday I got home from work, talked to my mom, and decided to scratch the show for Saturday. She told me that Amber was super reactive in her back and hips, and when I went out to feel how she was I could see… Continue Reading “Weekend part 1: Ren Fair”

The weekend usual

Thankfully, I have today off. You know what that means? On our switch to English, we’re going to go…..JUMPING!!! (said like in White Chicks lol) I, however, have yet to even ride today. I know. What’s wrong with me. But it’s kind of cold,… Continue Reading “The weekend usual”

I smell a rat

Most of last week was catching up on the show and a quick six-year shout out, so I’ll go over a bit of our rides and the weekend. Since Sunday’s show day was western, I’ve been sticking with western and doing some more training.… Continue Reading “I smell a rat”

The pre-show post

So guys, sorry I won’t be recapping the show quite yet but I have to get all my media sorted. If you guys were following me on Instagram though, you’ll know we did really well! I am so pleased with my pony! We placed… Continue Reading “The pre-show post”

Strength training and realizations

Friday as I was browsing through some more horsey blog posts to read while I had some down time at work, I came across A Enter Spooking’s blog and her post about straightness. And it was as if a lightbulb – or really a… Continue Reading “Strength training and realizations”


It rained a lot on Friday. A lot. Not much compared to Houston, but quite a bit for Vegas. By the time I got home at 5 more clouds were threatening to drop rain, so my plans of a good 20 minute walk, practicing… Continue Reading “Waterlogged”

Flying high

Although really, not that high. Amber and I did do some jumping Saturday (yay!) and I thought we were fairly good at it for the second time really trying (yay!!). So get ready for lots of GIFs and lots of pictures. Because I love… Continue Reading “Flying high”

The long game

Long feet are awesome. Said no horse owner ever. I totally understand that even our dear farriers need a vacation every now and then, but now I wish I’d known that ahead of time and scheduled him to do her early. She’s not horrible;… Continue Reading “The long game”

Introducing jumps

So I want to start off with a muck rake advertisement: it’s not just for mucking. Amber nickers at me now when I’m finishing up mucking poop because she desperately wants her scratches. You know, because I don’t ever curry her any other day… Continue Reading “Introducing jumps”

Amber land

Not too much happening here in Amber Land. I also didn’t get many pictures of this weekend, so yeah sorry about that. I kept the western tack on for the weekend, thinking it would help reset her mind, and it did indeed help. She definitely knows… Continue Reading “Amber land”

Media blast

So be prepared for lots of media. It wasn’t a busy weekend but I got lots of photos. I was also able to mess around with the GIF function on my phone camera and got some good snippets. Friday I didn’t ride, but Saturday… Continue Reading “Media blast”

The days you need

The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I posted two tack sales – one english and one western – for ridiculously good prices and suddenly I was scrambling to answer everyone’s requests, get invoices out and send the packages. I’m still going to… Continue Reading “The days you need”


Friday was another excellent ride, and thankfully my mom was again willing to take some pictures. It was the second time we’ve done the pole exercise, and I think it’s starting to look very promising. She’s very smart about her feet, and I love… Continue Reading “Promising”

Weekends are for nothing

Because let’s face it, I really didn’t do anything. Unless you count finally sorting all of my tack that I need to sell/give away. Thursday and Friday Amber and I didn’t do anything in terms of excitement – mostly just more long warm-ups, trot… Continue Reading “Weekends are for nothing”


Well, the vet was originally supposed to come out and do acupuncture and laser therapy Friday evening, but she accidentally forgot. Wonderfully, though, she still popped over and gave Amber a few more adjustments – which she needed. Her twisted hip needed to be… Continue Reading “Shenanigans”

Sales make for great weekends

Many places had great sales this weekend for 4th of July. I was hoping RW was having a sale, but alas, not so. Either way, I still feel like I made out like a bandit. So although Amber and I haven’t gone anywhere near… Continue Reading “Sales make for great weekends”

Whirlwind weekend

They’re here! Okay, had to get that out for you guys. They’ve been at home since Saturday morning. But more on that later. Also, be prepared for a photo dump because I was able to get tons of media this weekend. As a weekend… Continue Reading “Whirlwind weekend”


Well, not much went on this weekend but it was a good one nonetheless. Friday afternoon I did a very bad thing: I tried on breeches. I know, I know, it shouldn’t be bad, right? But I’ve been eyeing this pair for a while… Continue Reading “Completed….ish”

Cavaletti lesson

And what a lesson it was! Part of me wished I had another one Sunday because I feel like Amber and I made so much progress Saturday morning. Instructor took videos of us, and while I didn’t take any pictures (and there was no… Continue Reading “Cavaletti lesson”

Worse….yet not?

Well, over the weekend we got some bad news: the barn builders won’t be down until the 13th. Boo. Both me and my mom have grumped to the fullest. It was so much easier to wait when I knew they’d be there in just… Continue Reading “Worse….yet not?”