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Review: Smartpak collection of mini reviews

Alternate title: Collection of reviews for Smartpack products that I don’t really have a whole ton to say about so they don’t really need their own review. Also, because I don’t have a ton to say about them, these are all in the same… Continue Reading “Review: Smartpak collection of mini reviews”

All that extra light

It’s only been 2 days, but I don’t think I’ve ever been this much in love with spring forward as I have this year. I got home and I didn’t have to rush to do chores because it didn’t even get fully dark until… Continue Reading “All that extra light”

It actually rained

Can you believe it? It actually rained in the desert. And it was a really lovely weekend. Because of my long work days Thursday and Friday I couldn’t ride, I made sure to ride Saturday and Sunday. Amber was looking a bit upset again… Continue Reading “It actually rained”

Can horses feel that?

Since Amber’s abscess has been dragging, I haven’t been blogging much “real” content lately. There’s only so often you can talk about it, and I don’t necessarily like discussing it all that much because there’s really nothing to say, I’d be really repeating myself, and… Continue Reading “Can horses feel that?”

Review: Cashel rawhide one-ear headstall

A western product made it out here on Review Wednesday! Since last week I wrote about the Ovation bridle this week I will write about a western bridle I’ve had for about a year or so. Today we’ll go over the Cashel Rawhide One-ear… Continue Reading “Review: Cashel rawhide one-ear headstall”

The wind-ridden uneventful

Especially this weekend (and today really), this meme is my spirit animal right now. My parents are gone for the week in NC visiting my grandma, so I’ve got the horses. The winds were horrible Thursday to Saturday, and Friday night was especially bad.… Continue Reading “The wind-ridden uneventful”

RW purchase lot

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d talk about what I bought for the RW president’s day sale. It was unfortunately underwhelming. I put a bunch of stuff in the cart, but due to other monetary needs (and let’s face it – I… Continue Reading “RW purchase lot”

TBT – 2016 buckle show

I don’t usually do Throwback Thursday posts, but I was hit with a wave of nostalgia while looking through pictures as I was trying to find others. I found the huge stash that I’d grabbed from my sister’s pro camera, and was set laughing… Continue Reading “TBT – 2016 buckle show”

Review: Ovation Breed Specific Hunt Bridle

Yay! Finally another Review Wednesday! Today, I am going over the Ovation Plain Raised QH Hunt Bridle with reins. With this review comes a new review category: Stuff That Wasn’t Up to Snuff. If I put a product in this section, it will be… Continue Reading “Review: Ovation Breed Specific Hunt Bridle”

Lesson grid

I have pretty much no media from this weekend. Otherwise, though, it was a good weekend. We actually got snow on Friday. SNOW. Like wtf weather! We were only supposed to get a 45% chance of rain which basically means there was going to… Continue Reading “Lesson grid”

30 Things you might not know about me

As those of us who’ve done this particular blog hop have noted – a lot of us talk quite a bit about our horses and aspects of our lives that revolve around horses but not too much else. Since I’m still a relatively new… Continue Reading “30 Things you might not know about me”

Whisper goes english

The three day weekend was nice, but now it’s time again to get back to it. The wind was absolutely atrocious over the weekend – my lesson that I was supposed to have Monday morning got cancelled, our barbecue was blown over and subsequently… Continue Reading “Whisper goes english”

Google famous

So I’m not going to go into the full background story of how all this came about because it’s very long winded, so I’m just going to start at the part where I google-mapped the old house I rented in FoCo and was Amber’s first… Continue Reading “Google famous”

NSHA V show part 2

Sunday dawned sunny but chilly. North wind had blown in through the night and the breeze stayed around through the morning. Amber didn’t have her usual tantrum, no doubt learning from Saturday that she wasn’t going anyway but definitely not happy that Whisper was leaving. Whisper… Continue Reading “NSHA V show part 2”

NSHA V show part 1

First show of the season! Thursday was our last prep ride at home. I felt pretty confident with her paces, and then decided to test a few of her rusty buttons. She surprisingly responded with no more than an “oh sure, I remember that”… Continue Reading “NSHA V show part 1”

The scoop

That was probably a very poor attempt at a pun because it’s for the dip but that was scooping…. but whatever – on to: THE DIP. Here it is everyone! Creamy Crab and Artichoke Dip 1 pkg 8 oz crab delights 1 pkg 8 oz… Continue Reading “The scoop”

Hacksaw ridges

I believe I have mentioned this before, but just in case I haven’t, I have never body clipped a horse in my life. I don’t even remember seeing a body clipped horse until I was much older. By the time I WAS old enough… Continue Reading “Hacksaw ridges”

The no-prep weekend

I remembered today that I was actually supposed to use last weekend as a prep for Whisper but uhh….I completely forgot that there’s a horse show this coming weekend lol. But I’ll make sure to ride these next few days, and even with a… Continue Reading “The no-prep weekend”

Cheers to the weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has some good plans for the weekend. I am not really doing anything superbowl-ish. I mostly watch for the commercials and root for the underdog, so in this case the Eagles. But hopefully it’ll be horsey-filled! What is… Continue Reading “Cheers to the weekend”

First lesson of the year

After all the shenanigans Amber pulled (my bank account does not thank her), I finally felt like I could do a lesson. So I had my first one of the year yesterday! A lot of the ride I had improved on, and a lot… Continue Reading “First lesson of the year”

The wild one

This weekend was a lot a fun. I rode Amber on Saturday, and tried out our new piece of equipment: a hackamore! Amber actually seems to like this better than the halter. I feel that it’s because it leaves her chin alone, and the… Continue Reading “The wild one”

Riding + video!

And Amber makes an appearance! She’s pretty much always in here, but Tuesday I rode Whisper, then hopped on Amber. I’ll start with Whisper first. It really is lovely being on such a subtle ride again. Most of the time you merely have to… Continue Reading “Riding + video!”

Easy weekends

So, I am a wimp. I really didn’t ride this weekend. It was only 50 during the day with a cold north wind coming in. Which like…I know 50 is warm for you guys. I’m just….a delicate flower haha! Totally joking but after it being mid-high… Continue Reading “Easy weekends”

Hopefully a good turn

She’s feeling better! Looking a lot more alert, too. I’ve been disturbing her sleep unfortunately – whenever I come out she’s been lying down! I guess 4:45 is her sleep time lol. So far, she’s doing well. Crossing my fingers she’ll continue to improve… Continue Reading “Hopefully a good turn”

Introducing Whisper

I don’t talk about Whisper much because this blog is mostly about my adventures that I drag Amber along with me (although she likes the attention). But, I figured I should formally introduce blogland to Whisper since I’ll be riding her a little more… Continue Reading “Introducing Whisper”

Just another day

Yesterday was a great day to go riding – and ride we did! Our arena looks like it’s up to heavier rains, so while many places were still damp, the arena got a great and much needed all-around sprinkling. Monday and Tuesday we had… Continue Reading “Just another day”

A few new happenings

I do usually do a weekend recap on Mondays, but when you basically do nothing on Friday, nothing on the weekend and then nothing also happens on Monday, I uh……don’t think anyone really wants to read that haha. But I did have something different happen this… Continue Reading “A few new happenings”

Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018

Reading everyone’s goals and ideas for the year (can’t use that dreaded “p” word! lol) has me really stoked. I can’t wait to see how everyone’s year turns out! I’m so excited for you all, and am glad I get to tag along for… Continue Reading “Goals/Plans/Suggestions-ish for 2018”

Hello 2018!

It’s officially the 2nd day of 2018, and unfortunately, the end of my time off as well. But Amber and I are enjoying the fine weather, and hanging out! While she’s not sure what to do in turn out, I can tell she enjoys… Continue Reading “Hello 2018!”

Cheers to the new year

Yesterday, I saddled Amber up and decided we were going to do a quick jaunt around outside the arena. She absolutely was so excited. She’d learned I’d use the rope halter from last time, so had no nasty faces as I tacked her up,… Continue Reading “Cheers to the new year”