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Scratching the brain

So far, Amber has been doing well. Feeling good, walking very nicely. But I noticed Wednesday that she seems to be shortening her hind legs again. Not by much – mere inches – but I have been watching her like a hawk since that… Continue Reading “Scratching the brain”

Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions

So this is a partial Review Wednesday. I’ve had some things come to me recently and I’ve been able to use them a bit finally, so here’s my first impressions on these! RJ Classics Prestige Gulf breeches – hunter I tried these on after reading… Continue Reading “Review Wednesday-ish: first impressions”

The walkies

This is mostly a boring recap. All we really did was walk. All weekend. But, I have great news. Amber looks great! Friday I took her out for a short walk, and Choco accompanied us. It was just to get her out with a… Continue Reading “The walkies”

Blog Hop: October 10 Questions

Another blog hop! These are pretty fun! Today, we’ll be going over 10 questions blogger In Omnia Paratus shared with us about fall. 1. Most equestrians quote fall as their favorite season to ride. Are you one of those that does? Or maybe not;… Continue Reading “Blog Hop: October 10 Questions”

Weekend recap part 2: NSHA V show

The morning was bright and crisp, and unfortunately, again, I hooked up truck and trailer and Amber proceeded to buck and kick and smash and let me know that she was not up for another trailer ride. Well, too bad, pony. We’re going. Aside… Continue Reading “Weekend recap part 2: NSHA V show”

Weekend part 1: Ren Fair

Friday I got home from work, talked to my mom, and decided to scratch the show for Saturday. She told me that Amber was super reactive in her back and hips, and when I went out to feel how she was I could see… Continue Reading “Weekend part 1: Ren Fair”

Busiest of weeks

I had every intention to post yesterday…. That didn’t happen. I had some great rides, got great pictures, but Wednesday my sister came to town with her daughter, who’s now walking and talking a bit, so of course I’m spending time with them. We… Continue Reading “Busiest of weeks”

Jumping once again

I was really excited to head on out and jump. Amber was decidedly less enthused we realized lol. I think she was just done with the wind. It was still blowing and she just felt a little done with the whole thing. She was… Continue Reading “Jumping once again”

The weekend usual

Thankfully, I have today off. You know what that means? On our switch to English, we’re going to go…..JUMPING!!! (said like in White Chicks lol) I, however, have yet to even ride today. I know. What’s wrong with me. But it’s kind of cold,… Continue Reading “The weekend usual”

Changing it up

Guess who got her teeth done? So I couldn’t ride her Tuesday, and since they advise not to ride with a bit for a few days, we improvised. Always keepin it classy we are. We had a fun day. Simple. No spurs. No bit.… Continue Reading “Changing it up”

I smell a rat

Most of last week was catching up on the show and a quick six-year shout out, so I’ll go over a bit of our rides and the weekend. Since Sunday’s show day was western, I’ve been sticking with western and doing some more training.… Continue Reading “I smell a rat”

Safe and sound

I am okay. I wasn’t at the concert. But I know many aren’t okay. I was going to do a weekend recap this morning, but with how hectic it’s been – how many people I know that have been checking in to let us… Continue Reading “Safe and sound”

Six years strong

Although Amber’s birthday is on April 20th, and she officially became mine the first week of June, I was first assigned and met her mid to late September. June would be an apt time to celebrate a horse-iversary, but to me, I feel that ours is actually this time… Continue Reading “Six years strong”

NSHA V horse show: part 2

Western day dawned bright and clear, with Amber considerably less temper tantrum-ish than she was the day before. Everything was pretty much ready to go, and she walked right on in. Good girl. She announced herself once again before hopping off, and I had… Continue Reading “NSHA V horse show: part 2”

NSHA V horse show: Part 1

On to the good part everyone! Show day number 1! Amber was staring at me wide-eyed as I finished preps on the truck and trailer. Like “oh shit, no I think I know what this is and I AM NOT HAPPY” because literally as… Continue Reading “NSHA V horse show: Part 1”

The pre-show post

So guys, sorry I won’t be recapping the show quite yet but I have to get all my media sorted. If you guys were following me on Instagram though, you’ll know we did really well! I am so pleased with my pony! We placed… Continue Reading “The pre-show post”

Ye olde Friday

This week has been…..definitely the weirdest in a while. Remember when I said I had a great week at work but horrible riding? And then I’ve had awesome riding weeks and work was the absolute opposite? This week was like…..a jumble of that. Horrible… Continue Reading “Ye olde Friday”

Off kilter

Wednesday was a really odd day. Thankfully, Amber is doing just fine and is looking great, although unfortunately not any thinner. So thankfully while there is nothing wrong with Amber, I’ve been feeling off kilter for most of the week. I’ve been getting pounding… Continue Reading “Off kilter”

Flat prep

Tuesday I had limited time to ride between getting home late from work and then dusk being upon us very quickly. But we made it out there as fast as we could while still taking enough time for stretches. I of course had to… Continue Reading “Flat prep”

Eau Naturalé

I suppose I have a conundrum. Since I’ve begun heading towards eventing I’ve left Amber’s whiskers alone. Personally, I think they give her a lot of character and look adorable. Also, less work for me. I have to trim her eyelashes still since (I’ve… Continue Reading “Eau Naturalé”

Strength training and realizations

Friday as I was browsing through some more horsey blog posts to read while I had some down time at work, I came across A Enter Spooking’s blog and her post about straightness. And it was as if a lightbulb – or really a… Continue Reading “Strength training and realizations”

Back to western

Our last two rides have been western fun and games. Oddly enough, though, after I put 2 boots on her and then her western saddle, she seemed to look back at me like “oh so we’re NOT doing fun things today? Greeeeaaaaatttt.” But, she… Continue Reading “Back to western”

Dipping the toe in

Sadly, I have no horsey updates. I didn’t ride yesterday because I had errands and a club meeting to go to; however, I did a lot of research on USEA, and relatively came up with more questions than I had answers. That of course… Continue Reading “Dipping the toe in”

Food and mini ditches

I wasn’t sure what else to name this post. It’s mostly about Amber’s desire for food and the mini ditch we found. Pretty simple. After getting off work at 5 I hurried out to grab a nice hack. I spent some time stretching her… Continue Reading “Food and mini ditches”


It rained a lot on Friday. A lot. Not much compared to Houston, but quite a bit for Vegas. By the time I got home at 5 more clouds were threatening to drop rain, so my plans of a good 20 minute walk, practicing… Continue Reading “Waterlogged”

Tough times

Tuesday’s ride ended up not being the ride I planned. Wednesday didn’t work out, either. And neither did Thursday. After such a fun and learning weekend, and with a show coming up, it wasn’t the outcome I was hoping for. First, the problem: the… Continue Reading “Tough times”

Let the anticipation begin

So, uh. I did a thing, guys. I signed up for the September show. But, that’s not the crazy thing. I signed up for not one, but TWO dressage tests. Uhh…..what now? Both are the Intro tests so walk/trot, but one is actual dressage… Continue Reading “Let the anticipation begin”

Flying high part 2

Amber didn’t feel sore at all walking around the arena in the morning, so I figured a few times would be just perfect. And it was. She was great! She felt more confident and relaxed this ride, and I loved looking at her little… Continue Reading “Flying high part 2”

Flying high

Although really, not that high. Amber and I did do some jumping Saturday (yay!) and I thought we were fairly good at it for the second time really trying (yay!!). So get ready for lots of GIFs and lots of pictures. Because I love… Continue Reading “Flying high”

Those mid-week works

I feel like I have a lot of these and that they’re really not that interesting because…well….it’s dressage, and I feel there’s only so much you can talk about lift and position. But, guess what I’ll talk about today? Yup. Lift and position. And… Continue Reading “Those mid-week works”