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Introducing Choco

So my little doxie has been featured on here a few times, but I don’t think I’ve officially introduced you guys to her. This is Chocolate Mousse, or Choco as she’s more often called. She was born in 2004, coincidentally when we first moved… Continue Reading “Introducing Choco”

Back at it

Amber got her feet trimmed! And they look so pretty. The clouds came over shortly after work, so I got all dressed and ready to go….aaaaaaand the wind started. Which in turn brought the rain. But thankfully, it didn’t last long (boy has it… Continue Reading “Back at it”

The long game

Long feet are awesome. Said no horse owner ever. I totally understand that even our dear farriers need a vacation every now and then, but now I wish I’d known that ahead of time and scheduled him to do her early. She’s not horrible;… Continue Reading “The long game”

How wide is wide

I was showing a horsey person some photos of Amber recently, and they said “Oh, she’s not really that wide.” I just laughed and nodded. It’s interesting to me that Amber’s largeness doesn’t really translate to photos most of the time. It did when… Continue Reading “How wide is wide”

Coming together

Tuesday’s ride almost didn’t happen. I hadn’t been feeling well, but decided to ride at the last minute, and I’m so glad I did. It was close to feeding time, and at the other place Amber would let out the general extent of her… Continue Reading “Coming together”

Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Shirt + Sleeves

Review Wednesday is here again featuring the Kerrits Ice Fil shirt and Kerrits Ice Fil sleeves. This is the third summer I have used this combination, and I have to say that it’s become a summer staple for me. The three shirts I originally… Continue Reading “Review: Kerrits Ice Fil Shirt + Sleeves”

Introducing jumps

So I want to start off with a muck rake advertisement: it’s not just for mucking. Amber nickers at me now when I’m finishing up mucking poop because she desperately wants her scratches. You know, because I don’t ever curry her any other day… Continue Reading “Introducing jumps”

Showin’ up

Yesterday morning’s ride was really good. It wasn’t really much different from Tuesday or Wednesday with the exception that Amber was absolutely ready to go. Literally. She walked away from her food as soon as I got her grooming bucket out and waited for… Continue Reading “Showin’ up”

Kick this day….

… it’s sunshiny ass. I think I picked super apt socks for the day because it felt like I got a lot done. But I was up early, and took the Nugget for a walk since it was really nice and cool. Even the… Continue Reading “Kick this day….”

Downhill dive

It’s actually fascinating for me that I’m delving into dressage and jumping and then I go back to western as well and ride that in between. It’s just a real eye-opener with how much dressage and cross training helps any horse across any discipline.… Continue Reading “Downhill dive”

Blog hop: change

Hellomylivia had a blog hop yesterday off of Oh Gingersnap!’s original blog hop, and since I’ve never done a blog hop before, I thought it’d be fun to try my hand at this. Plus, I thought the question was a good one. Question: Have… Continue Reading “Blog hop: change”

Amber land

Not too much happening here in Amber Land. I also didn’t get many pictures of this weekend, so yeah sorry about that. I kept the western tack on for the weekend, thinking it would help reset her mind, and it did indeed help. She definitely knows… Continue Reading “Amber land”

Developing the little muscles and memory

Yesterday morning we rode western again. I’m a little protective of her at the moment because looking at the way she landed after that little mishap looks like she may have strained the front tendon on her left front. Of course, this is me… Continue Reading “Developing the little muscles and memory”

Sunset rides

Since most of my work days start at 6 am, I usually have to wait until the evening to ride. But as the sun is hitting it’s weakest around 6:30-ish pm, it’s getting to be the perfect time to ride. Amber looked better yesterday.… Continue Reading “Sunset rides”

A little sore

Yesterday felt a little cooler than normal. So I tacked up the pony and got out to ride close to sunset. She felt a little lazy in the beginning, just meandering at her walk and trot. Then when I asked her to pick up… Continue Reading “A little sore”

Plain jane

I joke a lot about Amber being a sorrel. Before her, I loved the shiny, rich deep brown of Whisper. I adored the gorgeous reddish-brown of a mahogany bay. I sighed at the uniqueness of every dun and roan colored horse. I ogled those… Continue Reading “Plain jane”

Media blast

So be prepared for lots of media. It wasn’t a busy weekend but I got lots of photos. I was also able to mess around with the GIF function on my phone camera and got some good snippets. Friday I didn’t ride, but Saturday… Continue Reading “Media blast”

A little too sticky

Amber and I had a pretty good ride yesterday morning. It was only half an hour but I’m pretty sure the first fifteen minutes was the both of us just waking up. We were not all there brain wise. Alas, it was just too… Continue Reading “A little too sticky”

Smooth ride

Tuesday I was finally able to get Amber out and go for a short ride. It was absolutely amazing the difference I felt in just her walk right away. She was so much smoother, and she also just felt so much more content. The… Continue Reading “Smooth ride”

Review: the rein battle

Review Wednesday is here again! If I keep this up nearly every week I think I’ll run out of things to review haha. But today’s feature is of reins – this is more a brand/leather quality than rubber vs laced vs webbed (I do… Continue Reading “Review: the rein battle”

Scratch monster

This has definitely become her new title. She will seriously step in front of me as I’m mucking and step on the muck rake to make sure I scratch her. I know I have encouraged this behavior, but it’s just so damn funny. Now… Continue Reading “Scratch monster”

The days you need

The weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. I posted two tack sales – one english and one western – for ridiculously good prices and suddenly I was scrambling to answer everyone’s requests, get invoices out and send the packages. I’m still going to… Continue Reading “The days you need”


Going from witty (and let’s admit it – corny) QH names like Gunnatrashya, Gunnamoonya, Copenreygun, Americasnextgunmodel, Big Chex to Cash, Chic N Wimp or even the QH racehorse Red Hot Filly Pepper to looking at the names of horses in these eventing competitions has been… Continue Reading “Pronunciation”

The slow work

Yesterday was a nice short ride. Amber felt a little stiff, not wanting to reach through her back and I figured she was a bit sore. It showed up in her canter as well, but she was as responsive as she could be with… Continue Reading “The slow work”


Amber was phenomenal yesterday. We had quite a long ride – longer than I was expecting, but Amber was wonderful. I put my spurs back on, hoping she’d be confident enough from the past few days that she wouldn’t be worried once I stuck… Continue Reading “Surprises”

Moving up

Since Amber did absolutely super on Friday with the single pole, I decided to switch things up yesterday. I moved around the few poles that we had and made a “course” of sorts to start to give Amber a little more of a challenge.… Continue Reading “Moving up”


Friday was another excellent ride, and thankfully my mom was again willing to take some pictures. It was the second time we’ve done the pole exercise, and I think it’s starting to look very promising. She’s very smart about her feet, and I love… Continue Reading “Promising”

Down days

Since our ride was so awesome Wednesday, I was super pumped to ride Thursday. It was cloudy and lovely and not too hot so it would’ve been perfect. Except right when I was going to ride, my alarm went off to remind me of… Continue Reading “Down days”

Let the fun begin

The rains really hit today, but thankfully it wasn’t so torrential like it was on Monday. A light drizzle most of the morning with some heavier rainfall every now and then. But the most important thing was that it was only 83 degrees by… Continue Reading “Let the fun begin”

Review: Harwich Half Chaps

Another Review Wednesday! Featured today are the Smartpak Harwich Half chaps. They’re advertised as having soft, full-grain leather with reinforced calf panels to support use. There’s an elastic panel to help keep a close fit and allow stretch. It has a YKK zipper and… Continue Reading “Review: Harwich Half Chaps”